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Our menu

Love. Care. Attention to detail.

Our menu

Love. Care. Attention to detail.

Our menu

Love. Care. Attention to detail.

Four Course Set Menu
31st March – 10th April

Polenta al Rosmarino e Aglio Fritta:
Deep fried garlic and rosemary polenta.

Tartelletta Asparagi e Salmone

Asparagus & salmon quiche.

Agnello alle Spezie  Siciliane su Couscous di Verdure

Lamb chump, Sicilian spices on vegetable couscous.

Zeppola di Pasqua con Crema Pasticciera e Sciroppo di Ciliegie

Choux pastry bun filled with cream patisserie topped with cherries in syrup.

For 2 £ 39
For 4 £ 72
For 6 £ 1

Welcome to our
Cini2go 2021 Menu

Mentre Aspetti
(While you’re waiting)

Olive & Taralli
Marinated olives & savoury taralli biscuit. £6.50

Pizza shaped bread topped with tomato and garlic. £6.50

Focaccia al rosmarino
Focaccia bread with garlic, rosemary and a sprinkle of Sicilian coarse sea salt. £6

Risotto with peas and Parmesan, coated in breadcrumbs deep fried.
Served with Napolitana sauce. £6

Antipasti (Starters)

Mixed antipasti platters
Cheese, cured meats, grilled vegetables, olives, salad leaves
Serves 2 £14
Serves 4 £26
Serves 6 £36

Mixed Sea food platter
Prawns, sword fish, calamari, red mullet pizzaiola, cod nuggets, garlic mayo, fresh lemon.
Serves 2 £18
Serves 4 £34
Serves 6 £48

Gamberoni Mediterranei
Large pealed king prawns sautéd with garlic, chilli, peppers, red onion, white wine.
Starter £7.50 Main £14

Insalata Vegana
Roast potato, roasted red onion, walnut, orange wedges, black olives,

chickpeas, garden leaves, vegan mayo. £7.50

Chilli Con Carne Vegano
The classic without the meat :), kidney beans, onion, peppers,

mushroom, tomato puree, chilli. £9

Crudo mozzarella di Bufala
Bufalo mozzarella, rocket, Parma ham. £7.50

Cozze alla Marinara
Fresh mussels in garlic, chilli, white wine, Neapolitan sauce. £6

Secondi di Pesce
(Fish Dishes)

Zuppa di Pesce
A delicious selection of squid, red mullet, swordfish, prawns,

in fish stock, tomato, garlic and chilli, served with garlic bruschetta. £18

Secondi di Carne
(Meat Dishes)

Suprema di Pollo Funghi e Stilton
Organic free range chicken breast supreme filled with

mushroom, Stilton, pancetta, chicken velouté sauce. £12

Filetto di Manzo
Premium fillet of beef pan fried in Vin Santo and home made

beef bones gravy, black pepper, creamy mash. £18

(Side dishes)

Broccoli Aglio Olio
Sauteed broccoli, garlic evo, chilli. £3.50

Rucola e parmigiano
Rocket and parmesan. £3.50

Jenga Potatoes
Our own roast potatoes. £3.50

Insalatina di pomodorini
Tomato and onion salad. £4.20

Vegetali Invernali
Winter vegetables. £3.50

Chunky fries. £3.50

Insalata mista
Mixed salad. £3.50


Gnocchetti Sardi N’Dujia e Ricotta
Short buckwheat pasta, sautéed in spiced soft pork and chilli mince from Calabria, served with tomato and ricotta sauce. For serious spice meat lovers! £10

Ravioli Spada e Melanzane
Short buckweat pasta, sautéed in spiced soft pork and chilli mince from Calabria, served with tomato and ricotta sauce. For serious spice meat lovers! £9

Risotto di Mare 
Vialone nano rice cooked in langoustine bisque, seafood selection of seafood. £12

Cannelloni Ricotta e Spinaci
Tube pasta filled with ricotta cheese and spinach, covered with besciamella, Neapolitan sauce Parmesan cheese, oven baked. £9

Lasagna Classica
The classic lasagne from Bologna, egg pasta layered with bolognese and béchamel sauce, basil, parmesan cheese, mozzarella, gratin. £9

Pizza o Calzoni

All our pizze can be made as calzone, we also have gluten free pizza bases and we can cater for vegans.

Tomato, mozzarella, basil. £10

Pollo Funghi
Mozzarella, tomato, chicken, mushrooms, chilli. £13.50

Mozzarella, cream, peas, salami Milano, French fries. £13.50

Salsiccia e peperoni
Mozzarella, tomato, Italian sausage, roasted peppers. £13

Manchego cheese, fresh tomato, onion, peppers, sweet paprika, anchovies. £13.50

Mozzarella tomato, zucchini, aubergine, peppers, red onion, chilli. £14

Mixed seafood, tomato, chilli and oregano, garlic, olives. £15

Mozzarella, tomato, sausage, salame, mortadella, N’Dujia,
chicken, ricotta. £16

Mozzarella, cooked ham, bolognese sauce, Parmesan cheese. £13.50

Bufala mozzarella wrapped in mortadella, sealed with pizza dough, baked, served on rocket leaves & roasted peppers. £14

Mascarpone e crudo
Mozzarella, mascarpone, rocket. £12.50
Add Parma ham. £14.50


Tiramisu (V)
The classic! £9.50

Torta Vegana al Cioccolato e Arancia (VG)
Chocolate cake, orange cream, vanilla ice cream. All vegan . £8.50

Bocconcini alla Cannella
5 sweets morsels, cinnamon sugar Nutella or apple dip. £6.50

Cannolo Siciliano
Tubular biscuit filled with ricotta mousse chocolate drops candy fruits vanilla sauce. £8.50

Tatin alle Prugne
Victoria plums tart tatin Jersey clotted cream. £8.00

Gelato alla Liquirizia (V, GF)
Liquorice ice cream. £7.50

Gelato alla Vaniglia (V, GF)
Vanilla ice cream. £7.50

Selezione di Formaggi
A selection of continental cheeses accompanied with grapes, celery, savoury biscuits and homemade chutney.

Selection of cheeses
Three cheeses £9.00
Five cheeses. £12.50